Latin Freestyle

Classic Freestyle – Complete Collection

You don’t have to say it. In fact don’t say it. I know (we all know, okay) how the story goes. Freestyle music rose and died in the streets of New York City 25 years ago…

Or that’s how the conventional wisdom goes. But I know (we all know, okay) that Freestyle music never really died. It might have moved underground and taken a backseat – but it never died. Every city I visit from Chicago to Orlando, Philly to AC, Detroit and Atlanta… and even here in the Midwest in places like Milwaukee, St Paul/Minneapolis and even Kansas City – they all have Freestyle fans.

Freestyle music – with themes of love and heartbreak and a strong Latin influence – might not be for everyone. And that’s okay. But if it’s for you – then this is your lucky day.

Weekend Djs and @Weekendpaul present the full set of Classic Freestyle mixes, Volume 1 – 6, together in one collection. This set includes the special “30 Years of Freestyle” tribute mix. Check them out below.

Classic Freestyle Vol. 1

Quote from @Weekendpaul: “When this mix (Volume 1) dropped in 2009 this was my first full, proper freestyle mix in almost a decade. I didn’t really plan out my set list, but after a few practice runs it all just “came together” and I was like, “oh yeah. I remember this”.  That’s why the first lyric after the intro is “Do You Remember”.

Classic Freestyle Vol. 2

Classic Freestyle Vol. 3

Quote from @Weekendpaul: This mix (Volume 3) has, at least in retrospect, a fairly varied set list. Well – as varied as you can get within the same genre. They are some really traditional sounds (Judy Torres and Stevie B), some nu-school California freestyle (Jocelyn Enriquez) and a deep cut Chicago track or two. I’m not sure I’d plan a mix like this again, but it works.

Classic Freestyle Vol. 4

Quote from @weekendpaul: This mix was actually part of the “Hotmix Podcast” show I used to host. It’s a short mix – not even 20 minutes and was – if I remember correct the first half of a Freestyle and House Music combo. I got a lot of use out of this mix as I also used it the PowerFreestyleMiXX radio program.

Classic Freestyle Vol. 5

Quote from @weekendpaul: I did the intro as a tribute to Chicago’s Bobby D. I tried my best to give it that “Edit Crazy” style that Bob made famous. 20 samples in 60 seconds and I remember how HARD it was to get right. It wasn’t just mashing a bunch of songs together. Each song had to function almost as part of a sentence – One line had to make sense to the next one. And to think he used to do this kind of thing on the regular. Much respect to Bobby D.  

Classic Freestyle Vol. 6 (30 Years of Freestyle edition)

Quote from @weekendpaul: This, as the first songs says, was my “Destiny”. It seemed only fitting that if I was going to travel the country to see legendary Freestyle acts like TKA, Judy Torres, Soave, Cynthia and others in person – I should release a companion mix to celebrate the occasion.

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